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It is rather odd to see a smiley in the sky. But I have witness the most fascinating peak of the moon forming together with Venus and Jupiter a smiley in the dark sky. It was 6:30pm Manila Time when me and my husband decided to have a dinner outside. And my daughter who was stargazing pointed the sky and said; "Mama! There's a coca cola sign in the sky!"(which btw, coca cola is famous with its smiley cap here in the Philippines) I looked up and there it is! A smiley.

This happened once in a blue moon. (well, actually it isn't blue moon!) But this doesn't happen on everyday basis you know! So we took the moment to stare at it while it last. Though I haven't got the chance to take a picture of it of video tape it, a friend of mine from Australia sent me a copy of what he recorded on his mobile phone. Gave a lil music on it and wah-lah! A miracle...of the Moon. Take time to watch it it's really cool!


Posted by queenmadison

This is Metro Manila's pink urinal for men.Yes, it's not hygenic. It is made from metal and they painted it pink signed that MMDA made them. I don't agree with the idea of putting such metal thing on every corner of Metro Manila. You see... if you walk on the streets, you can smell the foul smell coming from that urinal! Why didn't they just make something like a close urinal with a REAL toilet bowl with it. They are making Filipinoes look like dumps by putting such on the streets! well, this is my opinion I don't know if anybody agrees with me.