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TOP 10 Hottest Positions:

The Diamond
Degree of Difficulty: 3
Heat Meter: 6
Erotic instructions: Your guy lies on his back with a pillow propped under his head. Facing him, lower yourself onto his member and put your hands and knees on either side of his torso. "Once he’s deep inside you, gently move in the diagonal shape of a diamond: to the left, then down, right, and up,"
Pleasure payoff: You’ll love it because your man’s penis glides against every steamy inch of you, including your G-spot. (Hit this internal orgasm switch that’s located on your front vaginal wall by moving into the "down" position.) "Not only can I take him all the way in, but he also gets to feel every inch of me," she raves. And since the slow, controlled motions won’t wear you out the way fast, up-and-down thrusts do, you two will enjoy a long session of intense face-to-face intimacy.
The Side Slide
Degree of Difficulty: 4
Heat Meter: 7
Erotic instructions: Lie on your side, keeping your bottom leg straight and top leg bent at the knee. "Positioning himself between your legs, your guy lifts your top leg and either rests it on his chest or hooks your ankle over his shoulder, then enters you,"
Pleasure payoff: Yowza! If the wide-open view of your private parts doesn’t take your guy over the edge, the deep penetration this position offers will. And since he can get way inside you, it’ll make him feel like Moby Dick. "While he controls the speed and pacing, you lie there and enjoy the ecstasy," she adds. Or create even hotter down-there friction by squeezing your PC muscles tightly as he thrusts. It’s also easy for him to stimulate you with his hand or a vibrator.
The Thigh Master
Degree of Difficulty: 5
Heat Meter: 8
Erotic instructions: "Have your guy lie back with one leg outstretched and the other bent, so his knee is pointing upward," "Facing sideways, lower yourself onto his penis and hold on to his bent knee for leverage. As you rock back and forth, lean far enough forward so your joy button rubs against his inner thigh."
Pleasure payoff: This torrid two-in-one move makes you the center of amorous attention: "The steady thrusting plus constant clitoral contact against his inner thigh will prime you for a big O," And with his leg right there to balance you, you’re free to really let go and grind in wild motions. Of course, there are booty benefits for him too. Thrill him by taking a break from thrusting to squeeze on the nerve-rich head of his penis. Or reach between his legs to massage his testicles and perineum (the supersensitive area between his balls and behind).
The Booty Bridge
Degree of Difficulty: 6
Heat Meter: 7
Erotic instructions: "Bend forward with your legs slightly spread and your arms either hanging loose in front of you or resting on a low chair for balance," "Your guy enters you from behind, pulling himself as close to you as possible while holding your torso for support."
Pleasure payoff: This scorching spin on doggy-style is perfect for I-need-you-now quickies. "Being bent over gives your guy maximum depth and control," praises Alexa, and the angle allows access to your G-spot. And unlike typical rear-entry action that can leave you feeling disconnected from your dude, your pelvises and thighs touch, making the move more intimate. Booty bonus: Urge him to stay still while you grind your behind in circles.
The Carnal Clench
Degree of Difficulty: 3
Heat Meter: 9
Erotic instructions: "Lie on your stomach, legs straight and spread slightly. Your guy lies over you, positioning his legs on either side of yours. As he enters you, close your legs and cross them at the ankles."
Pleasure payoff: "With your legs clenched and ankles crossed, you can feel the entire length of your man’s member and grip it tight," she raves, creating loads of feel-good friction as he tantalizes the depths of your pleasure zone. He can also reach under you and play with your breasts or brush his lips against your ears, cheek and neck. Though this move offers mega sensation, there isn’t a lot of motion, so it’s a prime pose for guys hoping to hold off on climaxing or couples who want to savor the feel of each other’s bodies.
Randy Rider
Degree of Difficulty: 7
Heat Meter: 8
Erotic instructions: As your guy lies on his back, face him and lower yourself onto his penis in a kneeling position. Keeping your knees on the bed, hook your feet over the inside of his legs, likely at his knees. Grab the bedsheets on either side of his head, squeeze your butt, tilt your pelvis upward and move in small, tight motions. Giddyap!
Pleasure payoff: By gripping the bedsheets and using his legs as stirrups, this quasi-cowgirl configuration offers lots of leverage, so you maintain a steady rhythm without losing momentum before reaching orgasm. "And since your body is higher than it is in typical missionary, your clitoris can rub against his pubic bone,"
Up, Up and Away
Degree of Difficulty: 4
Heat Meter: 7
Erotic instructions: "Lie on your back with a pillow under your head and your legs in the air as straight and high as possible," . "While kneeling, your guy pushes your legs slightly to one side, not allowing them to flop all the way over, then enters you while keeping his hands on the bed or floor on either side of you for support."
Pleasure payoff: Having your legs up high and together creates a tight fit, which means goose bump-inducing sensations for you and your man. "But by bending your knees a bit, clamping your PC muscles, or opening your legs slightly, you’ll experience a whole different grip and feel, Also, with your hands free, you can stroke your own bliss button while your man pumps away." Or just lie back and luxuriate in how oh-so-good your body feels.
Niagara Falls
Degree of Difficulty: 6
Heat Meter: 8
Erotic instructions: Facing the faucet, kneel in a tub that’s half-filled with warm water. Lean forward and hold the walls or sides of the tub for balance; your guy can climb in and penetrate you from behind. As you grind, use your hand to guide the water stream from the faucet between your legs or use a detachable showerhead.
Pleasure payoff: This sex style is great for girls who don’t always orgasm easily: Your man has prime G-spot access, while the supersensual water spray electrifies your external passion button. "And with your bodies meshed tightly in the tub, your guy can play with your breasts and stroke you below the belt,"
Bed SpreadDegree of Difficulty: 3Heat Meter: 8 Erotic instructions: Bend over the side of the bed so your stomach and breasts are pressed against the mattress and your feet are on the floor, legs spread comfortably. "As your guy penetrates you from behind, he lifts your legs from just above the knees, holds them apart and thrusts,"
Pleasure payoff: With your body angled slightly downward and your legs apart, he gets deep penetration. And since your gams are in his grip, he can thrust away with total abandon. Plus, he can easily view your sexy rear and watch himself move in and out of you — an up close and personal pose guys pine for. So what’s in it for you? You feel weightless with your legs lifted off the floor, as if you’re floating, while your guy does all the work. "And his penis is perfectly angled to stroke your G-spot," she adds.
Degree of Difficulty: 10
Heat Meter: 10
Erotic instructions: Lie facedown across the bed, then scoot your body forward so your head and torso hang off the side and put your palms on the floor to support your weight. "Your man enters you from behind, his legs positioned inside yours and his hands holding your torso for balance so he can keep his head and shoulders high," this not-for-the-fainthearted pose.
Pleasure payoff: With your guy ’s legs confined between yours, he won’t have a huge range of motion, which means you’ll be treated to lots of quick in-and-out moves that’ll send a tsunami of sensation to the nerve-rich first few inches of your pleasure zone. And the instant blood rush to your head triggered when you lean off the side of the bed will heighten each thrust. "Because of the tricky positioning, this isn’t something you can do all night," she says, "but it adds a lot of intensity to a run-of-the-mill romp."


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i feel his pain… the weakness inside him.
abused by his stepfather, he learns to hide his hurt.
he withdraws into a world full of lies. But I can feel inside him that with me he’s into safe and secret world of beautiful gardens filled with roses, just like those in the library book i treasure.
I’ve felt the ice lump melted in his heart as we collide as one. He’s innocent. With those eyes are tragics he wants to let go.
i love him so much to give up on him. if I will not care… love… who will?
everybody laughs at me for choosing to be with him rather than leaving him and live a new life. But I cannot do such a thing to someone whom feels my heart with tender love. his life will be hell just like before when I do that to him… I don’t want that to happen. I’ll be devastated as much as he is.

This was derived from my diary...

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WHY I ALWAYS END UP CRYING????May 26th, 2005 by queen

why I always end up crying??? why do I always come upon guys who aren’t like of those fairy tales? Am I that bad as a person to deserve such pain? Maybe you might ask… "ba’t ba siya madrama?" Yes, I’m guilty of being such a drama queen. But what can I do? I’m not the type of person who plans ahead of time so… I always end up saying…"NOBODY LOVES ME!" I live by the day People! to tell you the truth when I have plans… It doesn’t go with the way I want it to be. I’m not good at planning things. But I take the risk on doing things… planned or unplanned. Anyway… I will not elaborate every guys I’ve been with it’ll take us decades to complete the story. But every guy I’ve been with has a tale… I’ll make it short for you not to close my blog window.
i’ll start with my first love Jake. He was this boy next door type of guy who always makes my day complete by him waving his hands and saying… "hey taba! ganda mo ngayon ah!" I was not that fat. but he says that every time he sees me. Then he’ll tell stories such as "white lady who knocks at his room and gave him chocolates…" and stuff.Then he’ll give me the chocolate his so-called white lady had given him… white lady was his sister, I found it later when he left for abroad, of course being scared of his stories I will not accept the chocolates…he’ll eat it on his way home. to make the story shorter people, yeah, we kissed… I was 10 and he was 11. He said I was the best kisser in the whole wide world. Of course I was at that time of his time, I was his first kiss and he was mine. But we broke up when I met Jeremy… Jake had dated my friend Lynden later on. I have no interesting story about Jeremy only he ended up in a rehab in Chicago. and Jake? when he left for US. he wanted to see me before he leave but my bro-in-law sabotage the sweet moment when he started teasing me. that was my first heartbreak.
the second was… Rain. We have this baby love thing going on… we separated for about 7 years then when we meet again… I’m a different person.Much prettier, sexier and uhm… ok. I thought It was going to be the "reunited and it feels so good" thing but he only wants a shot.
third heartbreak… Derick and John. I was in love with John and at the same time with Derick which turns out to be in love with my friend fiona. Fiona and Katrin are my friends who has this big crush with Derick… huh!?! let’s leave that alone. NO ONE end up with anyone.
4Th heartbreak… Johnel. yeah, yeah my friends might say…"whoa!" but yeah I’ve been in love with him. well, i did love him…. all of them actually(my boyfriends). Here’s the story, my mom and my sister disagreed with me being with him. with some reason at that time I can’t really understand.I have no choice but to break up with him and me ending up the "kontrabida" cause I haven’t got the chance to explain it to him. even now…. he doesn’t know. if ever he reads this… I’ll take the opportunity to say sorry…
5th heartbreak…Jeff R. This guy is way off older than me. 7 years older. He was my actual first crush in our neighborhood. He courted me when I was in my freshmen in college. he said he has this crush on me ever since I was a kid but I really don’t believe him. My cousins hate him my mom again hates him. due to the fact, now I know the reason, that he was drug dependent and yeah a total loser. but I’ve loved him. I tried to understand everything about him. Later on… I found out he was dating this Olive Oil look a like. I have to break up with him. he doesn’t want to but he has no choice. Now he’s married, he even sent me an invitation to his wedding… that asshole!
6th heartbreak… Jeff C. I couldn’t remember much about him. but I’m sure I was really depressed when he left me…
7th heartbreak… Harold Jose this is the most tragic story of my life… he’s a varsity player. I thought he was this disciplined man. cause he was always on time and knows how to behave.. but everybody has a flaw. He’s a hard headed jerk. he begun beating me up. when my friends asked me what happened I denied the fact that he hurt me making stupid excuses such as I fall down on the stairs I bump on the wall…. and stuff.I did take those kind of hurting cause I thought I was just really a pain in the ass that he had to do that for my own good. But one night just when I thought everything was going well, I got this call. Saying he was in a motel with some whore. of course I have to prove it right. I went to the motel and found his car on parking area…I called him up, he answered and said he was in his apartment taking a nap while I’m seeing him walk out of the motel with prostitute still talking to me at his mobile. the day after the incident, he went to my place, i confronted him, but instead of saying sorry… he snaps me back with "what the hell are you doing in there?!" The martir me… pleaded for his forgiveness. But he banged the door in front of my face. I followed him outside with nothing but a nightgown and a pair of teddy bear slippers saying "let me explain.." I ended up crying and pleading for a killer to kill me.
8th heartbreak… Mj. I was really in love with this guy cause he was my ex best friend. he was sweet and understanding… but that was just before I met the real him.our relationship was somewhat on and off. We only see each other and be with each other when we see each other… huh!?! and when I thought everything was doing out well,… I really don’t remember what has happened but we ended up boxing each other.literally people!
9th heartbreak… Ronald aka. Arn he turned out to be gay...
and the final deal…Jhun. It’s not yet a heartbreak thing cause we still love each other but again people! MY MOM IS AGAINST HIM now also MY DAD! he’s not the common guy you see in the streets or the school campus or everywhere. He was jailed at a young age. despised by many people, hated by most. but I love him… cause he’s the only guy who could die for me. We are like this "you and me against the world" thing. despite of him being different if you know what I mean, he has this soft side of him… and that’s what I really love about him… he is ironic. my dad says i have no future with this guy. my friends says… "what the hell is the matter with you being in love with an ex convict?" but I really don’t care. It hurts me much that I can’t love him freely. I can’t make him meet my folks and my friends cause they might only put their eyebrows up on him… For now… I’m trying my very best to ignore all the feed backs from my family and friends.
Actually, I haven’t told all my heartbreaks in life… just like the TV shopping always says… WAIT THERE’S MORE! but I told you I wouldn’t want to bore you or anything…. hey, you’re still up?! hell-o?!


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"How do I give my guy a hummer?"
QUESTION:Can you tell me about performing a "hummer"? My guy loves when I give him oral sex, but I want to try a new technique to make the experience even better.

ANSWER:A hummer is an oral sex technique where you literally hum, creating spine-tingly vibrations, while going down on your man. You don’t have to keep it up for the entire below-the-belt session. And unless you both want a good laugh, I don’t recommend humming a song. But if you add this erotic embellishment to your usual repertoire of licking and sucking, you’ll blow his mind.
It’s easy to do. Simply make "mmmm" sounds for a few seconds at a time in a smooth, steady tone as you move your mouth up and down his shaft. Varying the pitch of your voice creates different sensations: Lower pitches create slower vibrations; higher pitches create faster ones. Also, the vibrations are most intense at the opening of your mouth, so if you really want to make him explode, focus on the supersensitive head of his penis with your lips.

trial separation

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A trial separation may allow the spouse who wants the divorce (whom I call the "leaver") to experience some of the feelings of being separated without making a final decision to divorce. The main advantage of a trial separation, of course, is that it's easily reversible. You can try it for a while, go through counseling, and then reconcile, or you can try it for a while and then proceed with divorce.
If you and your spouse separate, you can do it one of two ways: an informal separation or a formal legal separation. An informal separation is basically whatever the two of you agree for it to be. Typically, one of you would stay where the two of you were living before, and the other would move into some other quarters. You typically wouldn't make any formal property division but you would agree (again informally) on some kind of working arrangements about possession of things like cars, the bank accounts, the credit cards, and the stereo.
A formal legal separation is more permanent, more complicated, and more expensive. It's also much less common. It's nearly as expensive as a divorce (sometimes more so, because it's less common, so you have to pay your lawyer to scratch his or her head and figure out how to do everything). And often people who get a formal legal separation wind up having to go through all the pain, time, and expense again later to get an actual divorce.
So why would anyone go through a formal legal separation?
Some states require that a couple seeking a divorce have been separated for some period of time, so maybe it's needed for that.
Some couples need to be separated, but they need to remain legally married, perhaps so one can continue to be insured for medical or other purposes by the other's company. Formal legal separation makes this possible.
Sometimes there's no question that the couple is moving toward divorce, but they know it will take some time to work everything out. If their incomes are substantially different, it may be worth it to develop a written separation agreement so the person paying alimony can deduct the alimony on his or her tax return. The paying spouse might be able to pay the receiving spouse more than enough to pay the tax on the alimony, and still come out ahead.
Sometimes one of the spouses has a religious objection to divorce. A formal separation may allow the spouses to remain married even as they live apart.
Beyond that, there may not be much of a reason to go through the time, pain, and expense of a formal legal separation. Better perhaps to agree to reach a working arrangement for an informal separation. You can then follow it up directly with either reconciliation or divorce.

my baby is a lil cute devil!

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Don't get me wrong by calling my kiddo a Lil devil. It was my term of saying she's really hyper and has an attitude! She seldom get into wild tantrums but she likes to kick other kids butt! really.I am a proud mother of a very talented kid who by two and a half can count 1 to 50, switch on and off the TV button, eats alone with less mess, loves to play with the piano a lot, can memorize the title of Playhouse Disney Channel's shows and last but not the least answer the phone hello and "whose calling please?".

Who would hate her by her adorable laughs and squeaks? By her sweet smiles and munchfull kisses?But I've I mentioned earlier, she really does have the appetite for hitting other kids. I even restrict her by watching kids show with some mild violence in it. And always remind her not to hit other people but still she does what she does!I can only make her stop by giving her chocolates and other sweets. And of course her favorite banana. Other than that I can't make her stop.I don't want to hit her bum bums.... it's like hitting a very delicate wine glass.

By searching of the solution to my problem I got into a very bright solution indeed!Now she seldom hit other kids.What's the secret? I got her a pet! yes, a kitten and a bunny. Now she knows how to care on other's feelings because I told her that her pets have feelings just like other people when you hit them they cry and will really be sad. Also I cut on those sweets that makes her so hyper active. Instead I feed her fruits in substitute of those candies and chocolates.

I do hope you did get an idea on how to handle Lil devils... oops! Lil angels like my kid!till nest time!

Baby Banana

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Are you wondering how to make your kid be the best of who he is but giving him the right nutrition isn't that easy as a breeze...

Well, why not try giving him what he really need to complete his dietary nutrition... aside from giving your child milk as an added diet. You should also give him the best fruit in the world (for me!) BANANA! And soon if you keep on reading this article banana will also be on your number one list to buy at the market! trust me.

A banana is the most nutritiously complex and unique of all fruit, probably because, unlike other fruit, it doesn't come from a tree at all, but a giant fruiting herb, the world's largest. Legend has it that the forbidden fruit offered by Adam to Eve in the Garden Of Eden was in fact a banana.(which btw is surprisingly funny!) In some parts of the world, green bananas are cooked and eaten as a vegetable.

Dubbed "Nature's Wonder Fruit", bananas are the only fruit to contain all the major vitamins: A, B1, B2, B6, and C. They are also high in dietary fibre, potassium and magnesium. With on average 2-3 times the level of carbohydrates of other fruit but no fat, bananas are a complete meal in themselves and the ideal high energy snack. And imagine my surprise when i found out that banana is one of the few fruits that also contains the complex carbohydrates found in grains, cereals and vegetables, which is why it's such a good source of energy. Here is the nutitional info for the nerdy eyes:
Per 140g (weight of average Cavendish) Carbohydrates (g) 27.8 Dietary fibre (g) 3.1 Retinol equiv. (ug) 18.0 B-car equiv.(ug) 110.0 Vitamin B1 (thiamin) (ug) 70.0 Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) (ug) 149.0 Vitamin B3 (Niacin) (mg) 1.2 Vitamin B6 (mg) 0.7 Vitamin C (mg) 16.0 Folate (ug) 20.0 Protein (g) 2.2 Potassium (mg) 476.0 Magnesium (mg) 47.6 Phosphorous (mg) 39.2 Fat (natural oils) (g) NIL

Despite of the dispelling fat myth its creamy texture a banana contains no fat. Infact an average banana contains only 501kj or 120 calories, (weight for weight about the same as cottage cheese.) And because it's so filling, is ideal for that mid-afternoon energy-boost.
And speaking of ENERGY... if your kiddie or yourself is always in high stress with school activities and work and stuff all you need is a doze of banana and you are ready to go! Cause you see, it is rich in Vitamin B6 that helps you cope up with stress. Vitamin B6 is involved in the transmission of impulses in nerves and muscles and is important in making red blood cells. It is also needed for the conversion of tryptophan to niacin. Tryptophan produces serotonin which has a calming effect on the body (this is why B6 is sometimes referred to as the anti-stress, good mood vitamin.)
Serotonin functions as a neuro-transmitter and carries messages to the nerve and brain cells. Some drugs used in treating depression cause serotonin to be released from storage sites at nerve endings.
B6 is sometimes used in hormonal disturbances in women, and is often prescribed for those women experiencing morning sickness, taking oral contraceptives or suffering from PMT.
A lack of B6 leads to many problems. The skin, nerves, muscles and brain are affected. Mental depression, convulsion, skin rashes, irritability, weakness and anaemia occur.
Caffeine and alcohol will deplete the body of Vitamin B6.
Bananas have more Vitamin B6 than any other fresh fruit and are regarded as an excellent source of this vitamin. (Other major food sources include fish, lentils, beans, pork, poultry, meat and nuts.) However, as cooking partially destroys B6, it is best obtained from a fresh food source such as bananas.
1.5 bananas a day will provide the daily allowance of Vitamin B6 for women aged between 19-54.
Also if your kids are having a wild tantrums... throw him a banana.
There is an increasing body of evidence that what we eat may alter the levels of chemical substances in the brain which affect our moods.
Besides vitamins, we need amino acids, "the building blocks of protein" , in our diet.
Some amino acids the body can manufacture, others are "essential" , that is, we need to eat foods that already contain them.
Researchers have now found links between certain amino acids in the blood and reactions which affect mood. Some amino acids can be carried into the brain, where they stimulate the production of chemical messenger substances called neurotransmitters. Tryptophan is one such amino acid. It stimulates the production of serotonin, a neurotransmitter which has a calming effect on the body.
Where people have little or no tryptophan in their system, they may become tired or irritable or blue.
About 45% of people suffering from depression are found to have a low level of serotonin in the brain. Anti-depressants, such as Prozac, work by regulating the body's serotonin levels.
Peter D. Kramer, author of "Listening to Prozac" , writes: "Serotonin is known to affect sleep, appetite and the like, but most dramatically, raising the level of serotonin seems to enhance security, courage, assertiveness, self-worth, calm, flexibility, resilience. It makes people feel safe."
A natural alternative to consuming manufactured drugs is to simply eat more of the foods that stimulate the production of serotonin, such as bananas.

And well, ofcourse you want your lil kiddies to be a healthy genius aight? Banana also helps in increasing brain power with potassium.Potassium is essential to mental function, brain power and nerve impulses. Infact, according to certain biochemists, no new brain cells can be made without potassium.
Bananas, one of natures richest sources of potassium, are also one of the easiest ways to give your body this important mineral.
Potassium plays a crucial role in fluid balance, the mechanism by which cells are nourished and cleansed. Potassium (K+) is the principle positively charged element in fluids inside the body cells, while sodium (Na+) is the main positive element contained outside the cells. Maintaining the right balance between these mineral salts is critical for the body to remove toxic wastes, maintain correct blood pressure and remove fluid retention.
Stress, overprocessed foods, diarrhoea can all cause potassium deficiency. Eating foods high in salt will lead to an imbalance between sodium and potassium in the body and some scientists believe this disturbance in the body's chemistry is the starting point for all illness, cancer included.
Cooking leeches out most of the potassium in foods, which is why it is best obtained from raw foods such as bananas.