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I don't know how to be private.My life is an open book. I only keep my problems when I know I can solve it in the long run. But now I have no idea on how to even face my problems. I am a young mother and a young wife as well. I thought that I could make my married life as normal as possible. But being too young to know things isn't really helping. My husband isn't doing his job. I am always cleaning up every mess he makes. I have to admit that yes, I am a nagger, a person who always in a red mood. It is because I am the one working and taking care of our daughter at the same time. I am working online btw. Also taking care of my grandmother. So I do things at home. My husband? well, today he has a job tomorrow he is fired, that is his kind of living. And he is always drunk. I am desperate. I need help. that's why I am posting this right now. Blogging is the only way that eases my heartaches and pain inside.
I wrote him a letter last night, he haven't read it yet because he didn't came home. But on that letter I told him that I need a rest and that we have to separate. Am i doing the right thing? I want to help him but it seems that he doesn't want to help himself. I am tired of giving him chances to build our marriage again. I am tired of arguing on how we can feed ourselves. Too tired to think of any way but to break up with him and that is for good. If anyone would read this, please I need someone to talk to. I need some advice. I need help. I am crying right now just posting this. I still love him though he's like that. I miss the man who used to love and takes care of me.I miss the times he was still responsible and knows how to help me when I needed help. Now I feel so alone. Betrayed. I feel so pathetic just posting this. I want to go out and smell the fresh air outside or to find myself but because I have so much responsibilities at home I can't. My grandmother needs me because she is suffering dementia, My mother also needs me because she has a weak heart,My niece needs me because she has no one to cling to, and my daughter needs me because I am her mother. I am the one cleaning, cooking, taking care of my family and desperately earning some extra money online. I feel so weak now...


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This is Boo, my 6 years old niece, she loves to dress up. Today she chose to be a princess, or a queen I dunno but she said she's a royalty.
I've been taking care of Boo since she was born, I am still attending high-school to college when she was with us. Her Dad is in Chicago and her Mom(my sister) is out there somewhere. I love Boo like my true daughter. When I got married and had a child, And even when I moved out, I'm still the one taking care of her.
Taking care of her is a blessing for me, I mean, she's one talented lil girl. She's a topnotcher at school, she sings well, and dance ballet, she even play the piano.


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Hi I am Mong and I am the coolest cat in the house. The girls loves me...(Cleo and Delai) well, that's what I know. And I am mom's favorite.why? simple because I am adorable! Look at me babe! I am sooo cute.

The other cats envy me with being so hot. I mean... would you look at that!

Yeah staring at something.... I am giving my mom a pose cause the camera is rolling baby!

oh! what's that?! I think I saw something, I'm gonna go for it! This will score me bigtime.

Not only that I care about myself, You see I also have my sweet side, I am Kittensitting lil Mingming here. So you see I am a sweet guy, a cool cat, all rolled into one!


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hi I am Cleo(white cat) and this is Delai(golden brown)! My real name is Cleopatra and Delai's real name Delilah. We are the Goddess of Cats. Atleast here in our place. Our favorite hobby is to roll over the grass and at night we party in CatnapFiggles a disco bar for cool cats like us. It is just located at our neighbor's rooftop. There are other cool cats out there but we are the Paris and Britney of CatnapFiggles!

I said Paris and Britney because Delai did gave birth already and she sings like a diva. And me? well, my mom buys me expensive cat cookies. I am the favorite!I am a spoiled brat!hahahahahameow!

it's a bit boring when you are a cat, all you do is purr and eat and sleep and party. yah know... I did had a boyfriend... before... but he was like so gross! He smells his butt like everyday! imagine? a cat smelling his own butt?! But now we are over. There are lots of cats out there who wants me but I don't give any attention. Like for example, Mong. We are adopted I know but come on! we live in the same roof and we have the same Mom(Queenmadison) That is so incats!(inhumane)

I'd rather spend my time with dumdum here than to be with Mong. Dumdum or Jepjep here is the most stupidiest dog in the whole world! He thinks he's a cat. And I think he is stupid! I don't know but why are K9's so dumb? They sniff each other and chase their tails! I mean come on, there are lots to do like chase us for example...Or do our job and go hunt rats... mean rats!


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Hi my name is Phoebe but my family and friends calls me Beans. F.Y.I. I love anything in relation to bean, I love Mr. Bean, eventhough my mom tells me he is a stupid genius, huh!?!, I love beans, green, black, or the ones inside a green pocket leaf, I love jellybeans, they are soooo good in my mouth!, I love bean bags, they are so comfty, and lastly I love my bean shape bath tub!
It was a warm sunday when I decided I wanted to play role-playing, where I am a doll seating in a display glass. Though I can't fit inside the cabinet where we put the dolls my mom put me in an open cabinet. I just love it here, I mean look at me, I feel like I'm a lil cutie patootie!

after 2 minutes...
Still loving it!

after quite a while!...
I wanna go down! I want my life back! help me!

nobody is even listening!...
Oh I am so gonna find a way on how to get down! and if I do, I'm gonna eat everyone! And I mean everyone... including you.... hahahahahahahaha!
no honestly put me down pls!


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Before this is the only pet I've got. A stuff toy that smiles at me whenever I am sad...Well, he always smiles. Though I love him truly, I tried to understand him but I just can't.It's because he doesn't know how to express his feelings, because he doesn't have any feelings. Just a cotton on his belly and beans on his head.

A smart lovable cat. He is a lil naughty, he sneaks through the kitchen to drive the mouse away. Well, honestly speaking, he kills them... The girls says he is so fly but he is just being himself and being proud of what he was.

They are the sweetest! they always want to spend their afternoon in the grasses. I don't know what happiness could bring them but one thing is for sure they want to get away from Mong's charm! Actually they don't hate Mong but he is a lil arrogant.

The cats says he's a bit stupid but I say he's just a slow learner, a late bloomer. They keep on insisting he is so stupid that he doesn't even know he is a dog. I say he just love hanging out with the cats and F.Y.I he's the only K9 around.

Has been departed by his folks in a very young age, he is the strongest, yet the most fragile of them all.Lil Mingming was just 2weeks old when his mom, a neighbor of ours, got hit by a garbage truck. He survived not knowing I am not his real mother. After a month of mix bottle feeding and soft cat food he survives and he just grown his first tooth. wow! A SURVIVOR!