I am sorry....

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I am sorry for not updating my blog I went out of town to celebrate my daughter's birthday. And yay it was a blast. My daughter did enjoyed the party my mom gave. And because it was also my mom's birthday that's why its a great celebration. I got pictures of the party but haven't got any time to download it yet. But I will on my next post and I will give it a whip of touching stories on what did really happened last January 23rd.

Innocence of a little boy...

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Jhun,my husband went home with an eight year old boy yesterday.And no,he's not my husband's kid, he lives from Jhun's friend Prince.Here is the story.This kid, he's name is Daniel, have been everybody else's kid for the past 2 years. He's not an orphan infact he has a huge family.Daniel's father is a farmer and sadly but true they are not well off since they really do have a really huge family...12 siblings plus the mother and the father ofcourse. And the worst part is Daniel is 8 but he is still in Kindergarten! Jhun's friends are well off,Prince is known throughout our place since he's the mayor's son.He promised Daniel complete support until Daniel reaches High School.I just wish he will not break that promise. I really pity that kid. By just merely talking to him you can see the wit and brains out of him. He is one good seed you can say. It's just sad that he was born in a world where cruelness and discrimination reign.
My husband brought him home cause Prince went out of town and he has no where to go to.
We were eating lunch when I asked him if he wants to continue his studies. And he instantly said yes. He said he wants to finish college to help his family. But he wants to stay with Prince because he wants to pay him for all the good deeds he did for him. That is if Prince will not kick him out of the house if Prince will get married of something.
If only I am rich...If only I have enough money to help him go to school. I would have been the one to help him though...
After lunch he was playing with my nephews at our backyard. How you can see his happiness. It seems like he was eager to play with kids his age. The expression and the feelings are easily felt by anyone who can see him playing. He will always be a kid...
I hope people who will care to read my blog will at least melt a little bit of freezeness in their heart. Good night everybody.

Dreams do come true.

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My dad whose 54 years old has been a Seafarer for 30 years have been an inspiration to many people specially me. He's my true life hero. He got the position of a Ship Captain at the young age of 38. He was one of the youngest Captain that time and he already got several awards. I know awarding of Seafarers aren't that popular but for us, his family it is a great honor to be with someone who received what he deserves. My dad isn't the geeky type but he makes sure he gets high grades when he was in school. Born in a little town which money only revolves around the town, he never use poverty as an excuse not to reach his goal. He worked as a pandesal seller (popular bread in the Philippines) and newspaper boy at a tender age of 8. When he was in high school he worked in a small business owned by his aunt for the whole summer for him to make money for tuition fee in school. He never did enjoyed his childhood since he was working instead of playing. His father, my grandfather died when he was young so they never had that luxury life he really deserves. But because of his perseverance, he did achieved his goal and now he makes sure we live the life he was deprived of having when he was a kid. Even until now that I am married he still cares to help me out financially when he sees me in despair. As you know my husband have been in a sequence of devastating experience(that's what I call it with all the problems we have faced.) I love my dad. Afterall I am still his precious lil girl. Eventhough sometimes we do argue about things but hey, I am but only human. Yes he can be sometimes demanding and bossy but at the end of the day he is still the father who knows how to put his feet on the ground.

art by Ciro Marchetti.

A Filipino Movie!

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I just finished watching "Ina ka ng Anak mo"a classic film on Cinema One (a Filipino channel that views All Original Filipino Movies).I love that movie...Well, because I am a Noranian (a name that describes a fan of Nora Aunor,a huge movie star in the Philippines) and I love Lolita Rodriguez (also a huge movie star in the Philippines), it was a perfect movie for me just seeing my two favorites in a very astonishing performance.
"Ina ka ng Anak mo:1978"(Your a Mother of Your Daughter) was about Renata the mother(Lolita Rodriguez) and Ester the daughter(Nora Aunor) whom they shared the same interest to Luis,Ester's husband. The first scene was just about their everyday life, the three were living on the same roof and Luis wanting to go abroad to give his family a decent living.But Ester doesn't want her husband to leave since her father died working abroad.That's an issue she never resolve with her Mother Renata.She even blamed her own mother for his father's death, she thinks just because Renata wants a luxury life that she pushed her husband to work abroad.And came one day that Ester will have to leave for a seminar in Bagiuo (3 hours drive away from Manila,where they live), Renata then asks her not to go but it just end up in a great fight.That night while Ester was away, Renata and Luis shared and cry over their problems over Ester, until they finally forgotten themselves and started to make love.That's when it all started. Renata being pregnant and all, and leaving their home to live in far away barrio with Luis' knowledge and support. And the climax was when Ester finally found out! The issue even ended in court. But Ester pulled out the case leaving the two being jailed with their own conscience. Renata died in depression.The ending? The baby was sent to an institution and Ester lives alone and Luis was worst than ever.
What a story huh!?!
The movie was directed by Lino Brocka (a respectable director of the past decades).

First Love...I...Can't...Remember...

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My husband and I were watching a movie.It's about a love triangle.The girl will have to choose between her best friend and her first love.When the scene came that the guy "best friend" was staring at the window and just there crying, I asked my husband if he had ever experience such and he said yes. He then told the story of him and his first love...which he told me bazillion times.Ofcourse I was annoyed but I didn't show him instead I tried to remember my first love...but I just couldn't! I can't even remember who that guy was.I mean I was choosing between JM and Vernon my childhood friends. Well, JM is my first crush back in 2nd grade(yes I know I was sooo young) and I did feel a little love...I mean he was so nice and cute and all...Until I found out he was my third degree cousin. It really doesn't end there.We were hanging out and playing and we became best of friends. Vernon on the other hand was my classmate. He was the cutest nicest guy at school. And he was my seatmate (lucky me),he never really did court me ofcourse we were so young but he was so nice.When someone bullies me at school he was my knight and shining armour(besides JM).I even kept a picture of him in my diary and used to kiss it (yeah I know I was a pathetic little girl). Then came 6th grade and he seems to be extra nice to me. I remember I was crying cause me and my girl best friend had a fight and Vernon was the one who comfort me. And yes people the love grows...but he was never been my boyfriend since I transfered to an all-girls-school when I was in high school. So whose my first love you ask? I don't know either! I really can't define the love I felt between JM and Vernon.
Though I can't tell my husband that JM was my first love since I introduced JM to my husband as my cousin. And we are exchanging emails and he's calling me every now and then.Would you imagine my husbands reaction if I told him that my first love was JM.
I can't tell him it's Vernon cause we were never an item.I don't even know if Vernon felt the same way I did back then.
My first boyfriend was Johnel....(another story) but he was not my first love.
ugh! it is so unfair....maybe my husband is my first love...nah!


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puss in boot's cute eyes
Big eyed dog
pop eyed (photoshop)
pop eyed (true)
Goofy eyes
Animae eyes
Hollow eyes
Ultra Lazy eyes
scary spooky eyes
evil kid's eyes
very dark goth eyes

A Weird Picture Indeed!

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Look at the picture and pick one that you think is scarier.Then move away from the screen. Can you see the picture changing?

pretty cool huh!?!


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I was surfing the net the other day when I came across this:(pink font intended for Barbie)I know Barbie is a great toy for young girls and those young at heart like me but he-llo?! a Barbie's friend Midge being pregnant is way too much! In my opinion, it teaches lil girls that being pregnant at a young age is just ok since Barbie's friend here is one. I mean look at that! Now my friend and I had a lil chat about this and it turned out that she bought one for herself. I was like OMG! Who would buy that crap? and she was like.... I did! hehe! here's a pic of her pregnant toy:
What a toy huh!?!
here's another pic of Midge: or is this the real Midge?! I am confused. You see the first pic has a ceasarian look and this has a seperate belly. which gets weirder and weirder.
Just look! I think this is the original Midge:

The baby in this Midge is magnetic and with clothes painted on him. And its an eptopic pregnancy hehe!
Yeah this is the original Midge alright. I like the first one more.Ugh!