Disney Channel

Posted by queenmadison

Disney Channel is getting all of my child's attention! My daughter is turning 3 this January and guess what she wanted for her bday cake decor... Mickey, Pooh, Manny(handy Manny), Noddy and Pocoyo! She wants ALL of them. Well, I couldn't say no so today at the Christmas Bazaar in our town plaza I bought some of those characters. Though I couldn’t find any Pocoyo since it’s not that famous here in our place, oh Pocoyo was her favorite!
After getting up from bed and eating breakfast, she always turns the TV on and clicks on the channel button until she reaches Disney Channel. That’s her everyday routine! She can watch TV for 5 hours with snack intervals. She cries when we change the channel unless… horror movie is on!
She doesn’t play without the TV on. She doesn’t go to bed without the TV on. I can’t feed her without the TV on. I can’t get her to take her bath without promising her to watch TV after. I can’t make her take her vitamins without the TV ON! In short I can’t get her to do something without the TV on!
Disney Channel can be a very good baby sitter. Whenever I do my blog, I leave the TV on and she with her cousins can watch without me being bothered. I can do chores with her watching TV. Because you see, when Disney is on she’s very well behave.
You might want to tell me I am being a bad mom by letting her watch TV that long but you see, my daughter learns lots of things while watching. She learned to count, even in Spanish! She learned the basic colors, now she can point out what are blue and red and pink and so on… She learned to sing some nursery songs like the Barney Song, Twinkle Star, and even love’s to play our piano (because of Little Einstein’s!) And her ability to memorize things and stuff is much higher than an average toddler.
I don’t know if I will thank Disney Channel or hate it for some reason but as for now, my kid is learning so maybe I will just have to leave it like that for now…