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I really am not in the mood to write a certain interesting post right now but there are few stories that I have in my mind and they must be typed or else they would be forgotten. Let's start with.... ok here it goes...
I wasn't able to update my blog since my family wants me to be parted from my laptop for a while. I just sneaked up in the attic to check on my mails and well, to write this ofcourse. I love Christmas! who doesn't? with all those food on the table, gifts under the tree and oh the Christmas bonus! But the most important thing I love during Christmas is that my family is complete during holidays. My husband is indeed trying his best to avoid alcohol and my grandmother is doing absolotely fine. My mom and dad are reunited again, because my dad just came home from work abroad. My daughter and my niece are the greatest cause you see, they share things and seldoms get sick. It's just sad that my sister isn't home... though shes not always home.
Oh well, to sum it all up my Christmas was great!
What did I cooked for Christmas you say?!
I baked Three kinds of cake.
Banana Cake
Chocolate Honey Bun Cake
Devils Food cake
I cooked Spaghetti, kid's favorite. There's the Ham and Keso de Bola (Cheese Ball).
For the main dish I cooked Kaldereta ( Goat Stew), Kilawen (Goat meat medium rare), Soup Number 5 (Beef Soup) and the favorite Chicharon (Deep Fried Meat).
I will post the recipe next time since I only have limited time to type.
Anyway, There were only 7 of us at home but we pigged out...
I started to fill my daughters piggy bank just before Christmas and now it's nearly full. Thanks to the Godparents they never forget to give her Christmas gifts and cash. When the piggy is full I will send it to the bank for "rainy seasons".
I did tried to save for my daughter last year but she often gets sick and we have to sacrifice the piggy. huhuhuhu.... her billl in the hospital was very huge. The Medicare didn't cover up all expenses. My husband's income isn't that big. So that's why I am blogging... this is for the Therapy for my daughter. I can't go out there and look for a job since I am taking care of my Granny whose suffering ALzheimer's disease. She needs all the care she could get. We don't want to put her in a Home for the Aged! No way. At least she got to spend her remaining days with us, her family. I love my grandmother since she's the one who took care of me when I was little.
Oh if only I am rich... I could buy her all the medicines she needs. My mom takes care of the expenses but still it's not enough. And my Granny's pension can't cover up the expenses as well.
And If I have money from my blog I buy my daughter and my grandmother medicines it's a big help for them.
Oh here I am again... being dramatic and all!
Happy new Year everyone!


Pahn said...

perhaps the blogging mood is also in the holiday spirit as well,, hehehe, just like I am

Darwin said...

I love Kaldereta during Christmas, as well.

And YES, you are right! Nothing compares to a Christmas celebration where all members of the family are around and intact.