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I was surfing the net the other day when I came across this:(pink font intended for Barbie)I know Barbie is a great toy for young girls and those young at heart like me but he-llo?! a Barbie's friend Midge being pregnant is way too much! In my opinion, it teaches lil girls that being pregnant at a young age is just ok since Barbie's friend here is one. I mean look at that! Now my friend and I had a lil chat about this and it turned out that she bought one for herself. I was like OMG! Who would buy that crap? and she was like.... I did! hehe! here's a pic of her pregnant toy:
What a toy huh!?!
here's another pic of Midge: or is this the real Midge?! I am confused. You see the first pic has a ceasarian look and this has a seperate belly. which gets weirder and weirder.
Just look! I think this is the original Midge:

The baby in this Midge is magnetic and with clothes painted on him. And its an eptopic pregnancy hehe!
Yeah this is the original Midge alright. I like the first one more.Ugh!


Barako Brew said...

Maybe it's designed to help kids with expecting mothers understand the concept of pregnancy. That maybe with the toy, they can understand and accept the coming baby.

.... Then again that would have made kids wonder "who dun-it?". Yeah, was it the queer Ken, or was it a touch-and-go with G.I Joe? ;)

- Ez of Barako Brew

Natural said...

okay that's a bit much. i wouldn't buy that for my kid. i'm glad she doesn't really like dolls..never got into them.