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He is indeed Filipino's Pride and Glory.
The Oscar Dela Hoya and Manny Pacquiao Match was really a Dream match. But turned out to be a nightmare match for Dela Hoya (though he is still the cutest hunk in Boxing industry!), he threw the towel in round eight, beginning of round nine. Well, at least he is man enough to accept his failure. Manny here on the other side of the ring knelt down and gave thanks to God, as the whole Filipino Communities are rejoicing!
What a day it was for us Filipinoes, that day everybody was united, the clock stops as Pacman ( Manny Pacquiao) faces his fight in Las Vegas,Nevada. Although not all Filipinoes where cheering for him, like our neighbor whose cheering for Oscar Dela Hoya, was 30,000.00 pesos poorer when he place his bet on Oscar.
And my Uncle who put his 50,000.00 pesos bet on Oscar as well, was now in the corner of his room listening to Andy Williams' songs... The moral lesson here is you've got to trust your fellow Filipino! hehe. Nah! the real moral lesson here is never Gamble! right Steve?!(our neighbor)
Before the match!

Oh! the Welterweight Belt!


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