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A blogger told me that my blog or computer has something in it that might have offended her. I am NOT a technical person and I don't know anything about computers but to type and post. I am busy most of the time at home and I have no time to put something in my blog or computer. I really don't know what's going on! I am about to cry because you see blogging is one of the ways for me to search income for my kid. And if something is wrong with it then NO MONEY for my kid's therapy! So if any of you can read this especially SHINADE please specify what is it that bothers you. And what IP address?! I don't know what you are talking about. PLEASE SPECIFY.
I even deleted some of my sponsors which is really hard for me to since they are helping me to make money.
My Blog is only because of my kid's therapy and nothing else. if anybody of you thinks this is a crap then be it. Maybe making money for the sake of an asthma patient is really is a crap for you. Thank you for those who are still supporting me. And thank you for having trust on me. I promise you more interesting post after this. I am sorry I have to let this out. I am being accused of something I have no idea of.


Shinade said...

Please do not cry. I also ran into it at 2 or 3 other sites. It must be a third party script of some kind that you have recently added to your blog.

But, it sets off as a hack attempt and gives out that IP address to internet security.

Have you added anything different in the last few days?

Because I've dropped on you before and never had this happen.

But something running with Java Script on your site is sending out this message and also seeking information from the computer that visits you.

I am not a technical person either but this is the only thing I can think of.

I do apologize for making you so upset but I have been hacked before and it scared it me.

I hope this helps you feel better and also helps you figure out what script you have added that is doing this.

You may have even picked up something some where else and didn't know it.

Maybe you should also do a scan.

I truly do apologize. I am honestly a nice person. but, it scared me.

I hope you can figure out what is doing it.

On The Verge said...

Shinade is a dear friend of mine and I can honestly say she meant no harm. She is one of the sweetest people I have met.

attygnorris said...

I'm glad Shinade has already addressed the confusion and hopefully, made you feel better.


selcom60 said...

I've dropped on you several times with no problems but you never know what can infect a computer any more. Hopefully you've already solved the problem. Best of luck and keep on blogging!!

queenmadison said...

yeah I did talked to Shinade about this... I did apologized. I was just too shocked and confused. Shinade was also a friend, and I also wish no harm to anyone. I am sorry for being so dramatic. Thank you Shinade for addressing the problem. and thank you for those who helped me offline and online.
Karyll Hernandez for the checking my computer and blog as well. (though scan was negative)
Janus Schuck for installing anti spyware on my browser.
Liccah Andrews for telling me to stop being so like very very honest of what I feel and blogging it right away. It might lead to confusion to readers.And also for briefing me about how and what around the net.

LadyJava said...

Hi there..while I don't see any problems with your site.. the blinking graphics does somewhat affect my vision whenever I come over to drop.. I hope I don't offend you but may I suggest you choose a graphic that is less "flashing"?

Shinade is a dear friend of mine as well.. I'm sure she means you no harm and only out to let you know what she's encountered :)

Have a great weekend :)