Posted by queenmadison

i feel his pain… the weakness inside him.
abused by his stepfather, he learns to hide his hurt.
he withdraws into a world full of lies. But I can feel inside him that with me he’s into safe and secret world of beautiful gardens filled with roses, just like those in the library book i treasure.
I’ve felt the ice lump melted in his heart as we collide as one. He’s innocent. With those eyes are tragics he wants to let go.
i love him so much to give up on him. if I will not care… love… who will?
everybody laughs at me for choosing to be with him rather than leaving him and live a new life. But I cannot do such a thing to someone whom feels my heart with tender love. his life will be hell just like before when I do that to him… I don’t want that to happen. I’ll be devastated as much as he is.