my baby is a lil cute devil!

Posted by queenmadison

Don't get me wrong by calling my kiddo a Lil devil. It was my term of saying she's really hyper and has an attitude! She seldom get into wild tantrums but she likes to kick other kids butt! really.I am a proud mother of a very talented kid who by two and a half can count 1 to 50, switch on and off the TV button, eats alone with less mess, loves to play with the piano a lot, can memorize the title of Playhouse Disney Channel's shows and last but not the least answer the phone hello and "whose calling please?".

Who would hate her by her adorable laughs and squeaks? By her sweet smiles and munchfull kisses?But I've I mentioned earlier, she really does have the appetite for hitting other kids. I even restrict her by watching kids show with some mild violence in it. And always remind her not to hit other people but still she does what she does!I can only make her stop by giving her chocolates and other sweets. And of course her favorite banana. Other than that I can't make her stop.I don't want to hit her bum bums.... it's like hitting a very delicate wine glass.

By searching of the solution to my problem I got into a very bright solution indeed!Now she seldom hit other kids.What's the secret? I got her a pet! yes, a kitten and a bunny. Now she knows how to care on other's feelings because I told her that her pets have feelings just like other people when you hit them they cry and will really be sad. Also I cut on those sweets that makes her so hyper active. Instead I feed her fruits in substitute of those candies and chocolates.

I do hope you did get an idea on how to handle Lil devils... oops! Lil angels like my kid!till nest time!