Posted by queenmadison

"How do I give my guy a hummer?"
QUESTION:Can you tell me about performing a "hummer"? My guy loves when I give him oral sex, but I want to try a new technique to make the experience even better.

ANSWER:A hummer is an oral sex technique where you literally hum, creating spine-tingly vibrations, while going down on your man. You don’t have to keep it up for the entire below-the-belt session. And unless you both want a good laugh, I don’t recommend humming a song. But if you add this erotic embellishment to your usual repertoire of licking and sucking, you’ll blow his mind.
It’s easy to do. Simply make "mmmm" sounds for a few seconds at a time in a smooth, steady tone as you move your mouth up and down his shaft. Varying the pitch of your voice creates different sensations: Lower pitches create slower vibrations; higher pitches create faster ones. Also, the vibrations are most intense at the opening of your mouth, so if you really want to make him explode, focus on the supersensitive head of his penis with your lips.