A Filipino Movie!

Posted by queenmadison

I just finished watching "Ina ka ng Anak mo"a classic film on Cinema One (a Filipino channel that views All Original Filipino Movies).I love that movie...Well, because I am a Noranian (a name that describes a fan of Nora Aunor,a huge movie star in the Philippines) and I love Lolita Rodriguez (also a huge movie star in the Philippines), it was a perfect movie for me just seeing my two favorites in a very astonishing performance.
"Ina ka ng Anak mo:1978"(Your a Mother of Your Daughter) was about Renata the mother(Lolita Rodriguez) and Ester the daughter(Nora Aunor) whom they shared the same interest to Luis,Ester's husband. The first scene was just about their everyday life, the three were living on the same roof and Luis wanting to go abroad to give his family a decent living.But Ester doesn't want her husband to leave since her father died working abroad.That's an issue she never resolve with her Mother Renata.She even blamed her own mother for his father's death, she thinks just because Renata wants a luxury life that she pushed her husband to work abroad.And came one day that Ester will have to leave for a seminar in Bagiuo (3 hours drive away from Manila,where they live), Renata then asks her not to go but it just end up in a great fight.That night while Ester was away, Renata and Luis shared and cry over their problems over Ester, until they finally forgotten themselves and started to make love.That's when it all started. Renata being pregnant and all, and leaving their home to live in far away barrio with Luis' knowledge and support. And the climax was when Ester finally found out! The issue even ended in court. But Ester pulled out the case leaving the two being jailed with their own conscience. Renata died in depression.The ending? The baby was sent to an institution and Ester lives alone and Luis was worst than ever.
What a story huh!?!
The movie was directed by Lino Brocka (a respectable director of the past decades).