First Love...I...Can't...Remember...

Posted by queenmadison

My husband and I were watching a movie.It's about a love triangle.The girl will have to choose between her best friend and her first love.When the scene came that the guy "best friend" was staring at the window and just there crying, I asked my husband if he had ever experience such and he said yes. He then told the story of him and his first love...which he told me bazillion times.Ofcourse I was annoyed but I didn't show him instead I tried to remember my first love...but I just couldn't! I can't even remember who that guy was.I mean I was choosing between JM and Vernon my childhood friends. Well, JM is my first crush back in 2nd grade(yes I know I was sooo young) and I did feel a little love...I mean he was so nice and cute and all...Until I found out he was my third degree cousin. It really doesn't end there.We were hanging out and playing and we became best of friends. Vernon on the other hand was my classmate. He was the cutest nicest guy at school. And he was my seatmate (lucky me),he never really did court me ofcourse we were so young but he was so nice.When someone bullies me at school he was my knight and shining armour(besides JM).I even kept a picture of him in my diary and used to kiss it (yeah I know I was a pathetic little girl). Then came 6th grade and he seems to be extra nice to me. I remember I was crying cause me and my girl best friend had a fight and Vernon was the one who comfort me. And yes people the love grows...but he was never been my boyfriend since I transfered to an all-girls-school when I was in high school. So whose my first love you ask? I don't know either! I really can't define the love I felt between JM and Vernon.
Though I can't tell my husband that JM was my first love since I introduced JM to my husband as my cousin. And we are exchanging emails and he's calling me every now and then.Would you imagine my husbands reaction if I told him that my first love was JM.
I can't tell him it's Vernon cause we were never an item.I don't even know if Vernon felt the same way I did back then.
My first boyfriend was Johnel....(another story) but he was not my first love.
ugh! it is so unfair....maybe my husband is my first love...nah!