Dreams do come true.

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My dad whose 54 years old has been a Seafarer for 30 years have been an inspiration to many people specially me. He's my true life hero. He got the position of a Ship Captain at the young age of 38. He was one of the youngest Captain that time and he already got several awards. I know awarding of Seafarers aren't that popular but for us, his family it is a great honor to be with someone who received what he deserves. My dad isn't the geeky type but he makes sure he gets high grades when he was in school. Born in a little town which money only revolves around the town, he never use poverty as an excuse not to reach his goal. He worked as a pandesal seller (popular bread in the Philippines) and newspaper boy at a tender age of 8. When he was in high school he worked in a small business owned by his aunt for the whole summer for him to make money for tuition fee in school. He never did enjoyed his childhood since he was working instead of playing. His father, my grandfather died when he was young so they never had that luxury life he really deserves. But because of his perseverance, he did achieved his goal and now he makes sure we live the life he was deprived of having when he was a kid. Even until now that I am married he still cares to help me out financially when he sees me in despair. As you know my husband have been in a sequence of devastating experience(that's what I call it with all the problems we have faced.) I love my dad. Afterall I am still his precious lil girl. Eventhough sometimes we do argue about things but hey, I am but only human. Yes he can be sometimes demanding and bossy but at the end of the day he is still the father who knows how to put his feet on the ground.

art by Ciro Marchetti.



What a nice post about your dad and what a cool blog! Will have to stop by more often!

Rendell said...

SOme dreams came true... just believe. nice blog.