HEATH Ledger's haunting Joker has been voted as the second greatest movie character of all time behind Indiana Jones, in a new poll.
Out today in Empire Magazine, the list of the top 100 characters sees Darth Vader, Captain Jack Sparrow and Hannibal Lecter round out the top five.
Empire editor Rod Yates said it was no surprise that Indiana Jones, played by Harrison Ford, took the top spot, but said the late Ledger's Joker in the Dark Knight was also impressive.
More than 80 per cent who voted for the Joker chose Ledger's interpretation over Jack Nicholson's, the magazine said.
The defining moment was Ledger's Joker taunting Batman in the interrogation room, it said.
"A fitting tribute to a much-missed actor," Mr Yates said.
Among other characters played by Australians to make the list were Michael Caton's Darryl Kerrigan from the local hit The Castle (72) and Barry Crocker for his portrayal of Barry McKenzie (67).
Mel Gibson featured twice, for Mad Max (49) and William Wallace in Braveheart (34).
Crocodile Dundee was 78th, followed by Wolverine from X Men, played by Hugh Jackman, while Russell Crowe's Maximus from Gladiator came in at number 90.
Star Wars movies had the most characters in the list.
Seventeen per cent of characters are psychos while 7 per cent are cops.
The special edition of Empire out today features all the 100 characters on the cover.