PREGNANCY GUIDE: Pregnant women should not wear heels

Posted by queenmadison

Recent news claims that pregnant women should avoid wearing high heels and wear trainers instead.
Podiatric surgeon and spokesman for the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists, Michael O'Neill, has said that completely flat shoes such as flip flops are not always the best thing to wear while pregnant either.
In the Daily Telegraph he said that the most important thing is that the shoe should grip the foot as a pregnant womans feet tend to swell and therefore need more support.
"Pregnant women look stupid in heels. Because their centre of gravity changes, they lean back to maintain their balance."
"In heels, where the pressure is on the ball of the foot, they have to lean back even farther."
Mr O'Neill said that good running shoes made from a breathable fabric are the most ideal footwear choice for pregnant women.
It was recently reported by the Mirror that there is no medical risk in wearing heels while pregnant, but women should take extra care not to fall over.