PARENTING ZONE: My Child Hits and Kicks!

Posted by queenmadison

I read an article about babies being violent. And the advice was quite helpful for me. I even felt guilty cause whenever my daughter get into tantrums I tap her hands. That practise wasn't so helpful I tell you. Actualy it makes the situation much worst.
I have a 23-month-old daughter. Every time I say "no" to her or tap her hand, she hits me in the face, says "no," and kicks me. Please give me some advice on what to do, because I'm running out of ideas!
A: It sounds like your daughter is copying what you are doing. Instead of a tap on the hand when she does something she should not be doing, I have found that a time-out works more effectively for both mother and daughter. Say "no" and remove her from the area to a "time-out area." Leave her in time-out one minute for every year of her age (two minutes total in your case). This gives both of you a chance to regroup. I have found it helpful after the allotted time to tell my daughter I did not like her behavior but I love her. Remember to be consistent especially with toddlers. Also, remember to give lots of praise when your daughter is doing what she is supposed to do.
Remember, the toddler years are tough for everyone.