Posted by queenmadison

Hi I am Mong and I am the coolest cat in the house. The girls loves me...(Cleo and Delai) well, that's what I know. And I am mom's favorite.why? simple because I am adorable! Look at me babe! I am sooo cute.

The other cats envy me with being so hot. I mean... would you look at that!

Yeah staring at something.... I am giving my mom a pose cause the camera is rolling baby!

oh! what's that?! I think I saw something, I'm gonna go for it! This will score me bigtime.

Not only that I care about myself, You see I also have my sweet side, I am Kittensitting lil Mingming here. So you see I am a sweet guy, a cool cat, all rolled into one!


Race said...

pretty cool cat! thanks for dropping by my site, here's dropping an ec!