Posted by queenmadison

This is Boo, my 6 years old niece, she loves to dress up. Today she chose to be a princess, or a queen I dunno but she said she's a royalty.
I've been taking care of Boo since she was born, I am still attending high-school to college when she was with us. Her Dad is in Chicago and her Mom(my sister) is out there somewhere. I love Boo like my true daughter. When I got married and had a child, And even when I moved out, I'm still the one taking care of her.
Taking care of her is a blessing for me, I mean, she's one talented lil girl. She's a topnotcher at school, she sings well, and dance ballet, she even play the piano.


Joy said...

GOOD on yah... for looking after her,, for sure she loves you so much...

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