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hi I am Cleo(white cat) and this is Delai(golden brown)! My real name is Cleopatra and Delai's real name Delilah. We are the Goddess of Cats. Atleast here in our place. Our favorite hobby is to roll over the grass and at night we party in CatnapFiggles a disco bar for cool cats like us. It is just located at our neighbor's rooftop. There are other cool cats out there but we are the Paris and Britney of CatnapFiggles!

I said Paris and Britney because Delai did gave birth already and she sings like a diva. And me? well, my mom buys me expensive cat cookies. I am the favorite!I am a spoiled brat!hahahahahameow!

it's a bit boring when you are a cat, all you do is purr and eat and sleep and party. yah know... I did had a boyfriend... before... but he was like so gross! He smells his butt like everyday! imagine? a cat smelling his own butt?! But now we are over. There are lots of cats out there who wants me but I don't give any attention. Like for example, Mong. We are adopted I know but come on! we live in the same roof and we have the same Mom(Queenmadison) That is so incats!(inhumane)

I'd rather spend my time with dumdum here than to be with Mong. Dumdum or Jepjep here is the most stupidiest dog in the whole world! He thinks he's a cat. And I think he is stupid! I don't know but why are K9's so dumb? They sniff each other and chase their tails! I mean come on, there are lots to do like chase us for example...Or do our job and go hunt rats... mean rats!


BeadedTail said...

What adorable looking cats.

wblmom said...

Some very you cute pictures you have here.
This is the first time my husband and I have not owned some kind of pet.
We figured at this point we will wait until our almost 3 year old son gets a little older now though.

Bella Casa said...

So sweet, cute story, too.

Found you via EntreCard.