Are you inlove?

Posted by queenmadison

Do you think about her every day? Sometimes call her just to ask her what she's doing?

Do you have pretty much the same standards, laughs at the same things, have fun together?

How about the way she looks? What others consider a flaw-that gap between her teeth, for example-do you think it's cute?

Do you buy things you think she'd like, even give her something dear to you such as heirloom?

Are you intensely curious about her family backgrounds, interests, and work, and do you want to show her thiings you've accomplished?

Do you want to discuss everyting important to her?

Does she always seem to be involve with your plans for the future?

Do you want to become better person for her sake?

Do you go to the theater because she loves it even though you don't?

Do you feel strong emotional and mental attraction to her? Do you enjoy being affectionate?

Do you find it easy to resists attractions to other people?

Do you feel bouyant, glad to be alive?Do people keep asking you why are you so happy?

If you answer yes to all or most of these questions, it may be time to move to the next level for both of you!