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· Are your coworkers warm, friendly, and courteous?
· Is your job so enjoyable that you do extra work?
· Does your work challenge your imagination?
· If you inherited a large sum of money, would you keep your job?
· Are your efforts appreciated?
· Are you fairly paid?
· Does your day go by quickly?
· Is your job conveniently located?
· Are you allowed to take time off when personal emergencies arise?
· Are people promoted from within your organization?
· Is your work area pleasant?
· Are special talents and skills utilized?
· Is your boss helpful, capable, and encouraging?
· Does the benefits package match your needs?
· Could you transfer to another department if it made sense to do so?
· Is your company concerned about the health and well-being of its employees?
· Is your routine varied enough to forestall boredom?
· Are your work hours right for you and your family?
· Does your work make a difference to the company?

If you answered yes to 15 or more of these questions, chances are you are well suited to the career you have chosen. If you didn’t, you might consider changing careers, returning to school, or retiring early. A good place to start a career planning course, which may put you on a new path of personal growth and satisfaction.