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I am confused I can't understand my blog! Well, because I write different stuff, I get lose to track! I write what ever pops in my head.So you see, you can read about almost anything here. Any kind of article, You can read facts about life, sex, people, kids, health, animals, food, advertisement. ANYTHING! It's just sad I got no time to sort it though I write like crazy and Don't even tend to categorize it. HMP! But bear with me people. It's a good thing I have to write down my thoughts and have fun out of it plus I earn too! Yes! I mean earn money from my blogs. So for those who want to earn by blogging here are some few pointers and instructional article on how to earn by you just writting anything you like and having fun at the same time.

Why You Need a Blog
If you want to generate consistent, long-term traffic and sales, you need to start blogging. It takes time to build a blog. But if you do a little each day, you'll profit in the long run.
The first thing you want to do is go to either or and create a blog. You're going to post content in your blog so it gets picked up by search engines.
Google loves these sites. So everything you post will get into the Google Search engine eventually. You're also going to use Ping-O-Matic to notify all the blog services about your posts so you get into other search engines like Yahoo! and MSN.
Next, you need to get some articles up so you can get an Adsense account and make a little money with that too. You need some content in your blog before you can display Adsense ads and affiliate links.
You can write your own articles (if you have time), have a freelance writer do it, or you can get free articles at
Setting Up Your Blog
Just go to and create a new blog. You'll want to create a new blog for every product you promote. I recommend you start with Affiliate Cash Secrets for your first promotion because the affiliate program pays up to 75% commission monthly.
Once you create your blog, go to Settings. Under the Basic tab, add a description of your blog. The title can just be "Affiliate Cash Secrets." I put "Building Your Automatic Money Machine" for the description. But you can enter whatever you want.
I also set Show Email Posts to NO. I don't want any distractions in my blog. No external links, etc. My visitors are there to do one thing of two things: click on an affiliate link or an Adsense ad.
Next click the Formatting tab. Select "Show 1 Post on the main page." I only want one article on each page because that gives the reader a stopping point where they come to my resource box and click through to my site.
Post template - here's where you can add your resource box to appear on each page. It will not update your entire blog. But it will appear in the HTML editor every time you make a post.

Now click the Comments tab.
Default - new posts do NOT have comments. Again, you don't want any distractions on your site. This isn't a "fun blog," it's a "money blog."
Finally, click the Template tab. If you want a different template, click "Pick New." Google has a ton of tutorials on how to edit your template so I won't cover that here. But you'll notice on my blog that I changed my Links and put the Adsense ads on the side bar.
When you're finished posting, go to and enter your blog name and URL. This will notify all the search engines that your blog has been updated. Only ping when you have added new content or made significant changes to your blog.
I would add about 10 pages to start. Then add 3-5 pages a day. After 3 months at 5 pages a day, you will have 450 pages listed in the search engines. That could easily generate a few hundred visitors a day to your blog.