A holy week tradition

Posted by queenmadison

march to april...Every holy week here in our place we celebrate it by building “abong-abong” a grotto like made of nipa (dried coconut leaves) and then the designers work their magic in reenacting the story of Jesus Christ from Virgin Mary up to the resurrection of the body of Christ. From the pictures seen above you can see some of the creation of some folks here in Bangued, Abra. We make it to the point that Holy week will indeed be Holy. You can hear the “Sang Prayers” over the radio. The night parade of the holy figured statues of Christ, Virgin Mary and some holy saints also keep it alive. The Holy statues are being paraded where there is “abong-abong” where people escort them with candles. Two nights of solemn, that’s how we celebrate holy week.A tradition that we always keep every year here in our town. It was said that we owe that tradition with the Spaniards that once colonized our country Philippines. And by them we learned to keep it alive and practice the tradition.I love it when it’s Holy week, I do really, and it’s the time for enemies to be reconciled.
Just like Christmas. But unlike Christmas we don’t exchange gifts we share buffet with our neighbors after the resurrection.