Posted by queenmadison

Some people here in my place don’t know the benefits of CHINA products. That they think if it’s CHINA it has no quality. But they are all bunch of HYPOCRITES. I love China products they’re cheap, they’re good, they’re easy to find, fashionable. From toys, to clothes, to electronics, to school and office supplies… I love them!

TOYS, they are much cheaper and more creative than any of the other imported toys there is in stores. By the way, F.Y.I. people! Many US toys are being imported from China. But really they are much cheaper and just a few bucks about a dollar or so, you can buy almost a dozen of toys with different kinds. See how much you can save? If you want to check on toys made in China try looking or investigating the toy itself, for example Barbie, it is located at her back it is stated Made in China. Even Fisher Prize.

CLOTHES. They are cheap and much more fashionable than any branded clothes. They derive their fashion senses from Japan and Italy. So you can never be out fashioned. For my kid, she grows like almost every minute. So I really have to invest on clothes. I patronize China products since they are much cheaper and you can buy them by bulks with fewer prizes. Even our footwear, Could you imagine, I bought some for my niece and she wears them at school everybody was commenting how pretty the designs are.

ELECTRONIC GADGETS. I’m telling you now, if ever you have plans on buying China electronic gadgets you must handle them with a lot of care… Of course again, it is cheaper. You can buy MP3 for just $6. A digicam for just $10. A mobile phone who has everything and I mean everything… TV, radio, mp3 player, video/camera, internet browser, and many more for just $40. Not only that an iPhone for just $30.

SCHOOL AND OFFICE SUPPLIES. Colorful things for kids like notebooks, there lots to choose from and it really looks like they are expensive but actually they aren’t. I buy these products for my niece whose attending first grade right now and they are so cheap that I saved almost 75% of my budget for her school supplies. Even the bags she uses. They are much cheaper but more fashionable. There are lots to choose from. From Barbie to BArny.

I know you might be thinking I am a Chinese though I advertise their products. But I’m not even part Chinese. I just love their creativeness and assertiveness.