Posted by queenmadison

Does your life revolve around your job to exclusion of family concerns, social pleasures and other interest? If so, you may be a workaholic. To find out, ask yourself the following questions:
1. Does family complain that you’re never home?
2. Do you lose sleep over work worries?
3. Do you get anxious about delegating work over your staff?
4. Has starting your work early and ending it late become a habit?
5. Do you gobble your lunch while working at your desk?
6. Are you angry when co workers don’t worry as much as you do?
7. Is your work the only thing you find enjoyable?
8. When you have work more than you can handle, does it make you feel inadequate?
9. Do interruptions I your work day annoy you?
10. Are social events wastes of time?
11. Do you often work weekends?
12. Do you feel guilty when you take time off?
13. Can you leave work on your desk for the following day?
14. Do you always say yes to more work?
15. Do you go to work when you are not feeling well?
16. Are you able to enjoy doing nothing?
17. Do hobbies interest you?
18. Do you get restless while on vacation?
19. If your doctor told you to slow down could you?

If you answered yes to most of the first 15 questions and no to some of other questions between 16 and19, you may be workaholic. Do not be alarmed. This is not necessarily unhealthy if work gives you real satisfaction. But it can dangerous as any addiction if it takes you unawares and if you derive pleasure from nothing but work. If this is the case, try slowing down or look for less demanding job!