DISNEY CHANNEL: Kids are addicted!

Posted by queenmadison

My kid is guilty! She is indeed addicted in watching Disney channel's TV shows. She watches it every day. If it's possible she would want to watch them for 24 hours!
I really don't know how to put my kid's interest into something else.
TV has been her babysitter.

According to some Child Psychiatrist, TV can be a child best friend but it can also harm her, especially if some of the shows she watches are of those with explicit or Bulgar contents. But Playhouse Disney so far has been the safest for kids right now. Their strict screening really sets-up a Child-friendly TV shows for children.
But of course, you gotta let your kid play with other children to increase her social life... That's what I do with my little angel.

My Friends Tigger and Pooh. Although this has a limited learning functions for kids, they can learn to care for others and be alert in any situation. I can recommend this for little toddlers. The graphics are pretty entertaining. And it can teach them to co operate with a group.

POCOYO. What does a little blue baby offer to kids? like Pooh, he can offer little kids lesson on how to care to others. To treat animals right and to enjoy being a toddler with wide imagination, it can explore their little minds and adopt it with their daily basics. Not only that Pocoyo teaches little toddler to be caring but also to behave and be playful.

Little Einsteins. This is a perfect TV show for your little explorers! In this TV show they have many options to learn. About music, comprehension, dancing, singing, fairy tales and a lot more. It can teach little cuties to be co operative and let them decide on things as well.