Be contented with what you have!

Posted by queenmadison

I visited my mom's farm today. I went to her garden full of fruit trees and gather some rambutans. Because you see, my daughter loves rambutan so much she can eat like 20 of them in one seating! Although it's seasonal this is one of the best fruit for my kid. Well, not only rambutans that she loves she also loves to eat banana that's why we also gather some bananas. When we were exploring the place, I notice a little girl whose peeking though the fence, she was muddy and dirty so I get closer to her and asks if she wants some fruits. She said no, and told me she just love seeing us enjoying our time picking and gathering fruits at the garden. When I asks where she lives she pointed at a home made of cardboard and nipa which is located not far from where my mom's farm is. When we already filled up our sacks and our tummies with fruits I took a plastic bag and throw in some fruits on it and went at the little girls house to give it to her when I was about to knocked at the nipa door I heard a man and a woman arguing about what they will eat and it's been like 2 days that they are feeding on instant noodles and an egg once a day. As soon as they were done arguing and I guess fighting I knocked at the nipa door and a woman which about her thirties opened the door and accepted the bag of fruits. I asked if a little girl lives there with her and she told me she was there washing clothes at the backyard. I went there to say hi and she was there surprised and blushing red. I asked if she has some other siblings and told me she has but they were forced to be adopted by some relatives and friends of her parents because they can't sustain them all. They were by the way 7 siblings and only An-an (the girl's nickname) was left to help out. She was washing clothes for their neighbor. And she was forced to stop schooling because of their situation. She was about 13 years old but her body built is like of those 7 years old maybe because of malnutrition. When we got home I told my husband about what had happened and he told me we are indeed much blessed. That we must not complain on what we have at the moment and what we don't have. Because it is true that your blessings might be ignored for our wants and you wouldn’t find out what you have is precious unless you look at other people's life.