Protecting Personal Life

Posted by queenmadison

1. Ask friends, relatives, or co workers to call before they drop by.
2. Post a list of where everything in the house is stored, and train family members to help themselves.
3. Teach children that a closed door means, “Do not Disturb”. If necessary, post the message at the door.
4. Invest in a telephone answering machine.
5. Interupptions provide a good excuse to avoid work; resist the temptation by prolonging a conversation.
6. If you don’t want to cut a telephone conversation short, keep small mindless projects nearby and complete them while you are talking.
7. If you can’t concentrate at home take your work to the library, and don’t tell everyone where you are going.
8. If you don’t have a receptionist at work, ask a willing coworker to take your calls and offer in return the favor when she’s busy.