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Advice to nursing mothers has been rich and varied- and often contradictory- over the years. Here are some examples from various times and places;If you eat peanuts, your milk will dry up (unless you are in Africa, where they say that peanuts increase flow)

Some people insist that eating chocolate will stop your milk; others, that will produce more.
In many places, it has long been believed that drinking beer or milk will increase your milk supply; in Minnesota, oatmeal helps. Eating cow, nature’s premier milk producer, is advised in some quarters: drink alfalfa tea or eat alfalfa sprouts. (But farmers don’t allow cows to graze near apple orchards- eating apples causes their milk to dry up) There are more examples; if you nurse in a car, the baby will get gas; ditto if you eat cabbage. An onion in your stomach will give your baby colic. If you rock while nursing, you’ll shake up the milk. If a mother becomes nervous, angry, frightened, or sexually stimulated, her milk will turn sour. In case, she will pass her own nature on to her baby in her milk.


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