US mums launch high heels for babies

Posted by queenmadison

TWO US mums have launched a firm that sells baby high heels.

They sold their first shoes 14 weeks ago and haven't looked back.
"Oh yeah, it draws attention," Jenelle Kulaas said. "People see them and are like, 'Those are hilarious'."
The booties are only made for children up to 6 months old, and the heel is squishy for safety reasons.
The shoes are the brainchild of Washington woman Britta Bacon, who thought up the idea and the brand name,
"Heelarious" on her daughter's fourth birthday.
The shoes are described as "extremely funny, completely soft shoes for babies 0-6 months designed to look like high heels."
"That's kind of all I could think about at her birthday party and came home and registered the website, and called Hayden," Bacon said. Hayden Porter is Britta's childhood friend, her current partner, and an admitted high-heel addict.
In just three months, the shoes have found their way into 350 stores worldwide and more than 1500 pairs have been bought off the website.
The women admit some have criticised them, saying heels even fake ones are inappropriate for babies, but they insist it's all meant to be in good fun.
To get the word out about their new product, the women have been sending shoes to celebrities who have just had baby girls.
They also are getting ready to send boxes to the Emmys, where they're going to be included in gift bags for nominees.
What do you think? Would you buy these shoes for your child