Posted by queenmadison

Music and dance is an important part of culture in many parts of the world. In Latin America it may be or is considered the most important part of life. Yoga helps one internalize and realize one-self. Dance can help one externalize and become in tune with an important aspect of being socially human. Together there is balance.
The health benefits of dance are numerous: coordination, balance, rhythm (fluidity and ease of motion), flexibility, strength, endurance, BODY AWARESS, just to name a few.
Awareness extends much beyond one's own body. Social dance requires an awareness of the music, of the partner, of the dance space. These are all terrific skills to acquire and develop.
Social dance helps breaking the ice in social environments. In our technological world of specialized work, socializing is not ease for many people - dance can help. In many social dance settings people are usually friendly; invitations to a dance is seldom turned down. Being in a postive social environment can be mentally stimulation and emotionally uplifting.
Latin music is rich in acoustic flavour. The plethora of sound can be very stimulating mentally. Dancing latin is also very physically stimulating. Dance it properly and you will move every joint and every muscle. Nervous triggers of happiness will fire like never before. Amaze yourself as you realize every cell in you is working together like a concert orchestra - the way it should.
Dance if historically considered an art. The fitness of dance is seldom emphasized but it would not be surprising to have a dancer put an athlete's fitness to shame.