what good is a typhoon?

Posted by queenmadison

What good is a typhoon? When I was a kid I used to love it when it rain hard. I just couldn’t remember why. Maybe because when typhoon strikes, we’ve got no classes in school and we’ve got to stay indoors to play. Or the feeling of being in the dark with no light but a candle and you’ve got to play “shadows”. Cause you see here in our place, when typhoon hits to signal number 2, electricity had to be deactivated to prevent fire when lightning strikes electric post. I really don’t know the real reason behind it but a cousin of mine who used to work in an electrical company said so. It was always like that. So when it rains hard… NO SCHOOL, NO ELECTRIC, Nothing but fun being in the dark. Me and my sister used to love it when it rain, cause here in our country, where hot summer lasted for months and months, we always suffer heat stroke like almost everyday, it’s a good thing when it rain, we can play in the rain, or play indoor games and at night we cuddle in our comforters or blankets with only a candle to shine the whole room. Now that I have a kid of my own, and my sister isn’t here, I try to let them experience the same thing we did back then. So what I do is I tuck them to bed at night and read them fairy tales just like those old days when my grandmother used to read us one. Maybe that is also one of the things I admire when it rain. You’ve got to reminisce past just like what I am doing right now. It really gives me a wonderful feeling, I feel so young… My husband never understands it why I am so darn happy when it rains. But now by reading this, I hope he does. I know it’s a bit peculiar to love typhoon, I mean here in our country a little typhoon can cause so many deaths. But you can’t blame me, as I’ve said earlier it’s cold here when it rains… that’s the only time it is! My baby is playing happily with my niece today even though outside it’s raining cats and dogs. And there’s no Disney channel for them to watch to begin with. Maybe because it’s cold that just like me they feel alive. It’s just so sad I have to wait for the electricity to be activated just to post this. There’s no WI-FI around my place. And I’m running out of battery so toddles everyone!!!